Lash Extensions
What makes our lash extension services different from the rest?

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We've studied with one of the top lash trainers in the industry to perfect our techniques in volume extension application. We are constantly involved in continuing our education in lash extension theory, design, eye health and safety, and are committed to providing the highest quality in product and supplies.

Design Principals

We are trained and experienced in face mapping to create personalized designs for unique facial features, because one size does not fit all when it comes to eyelash extensions. We base our design decisions on eye shape, brow bone location, length and health of the natural lashes, in addition to client preference.

Lash Health & Safety

We use quality control techniques throughout the application to provide you with the healthiest and highest quality design possible. We only use extensions that are suitably sized in accordance with your natural lashes so as not to cause unnecessary stress or damage to the lashes. All of these precautions are necessary in giving your the most beautiful set of lash extensions with the highest amount of comfort, safety, and longevity. We're proud of that! 


We LOVE extensions that beautifully enhance a woman's appearance, yet are gracefully applied in a way that looks natural. We are able to accomplish this look with our education and experience in applying extensions in accordance with your unique facial features. We want lash extensions to softly enhance your appearance. Our goal is a soft, feminine look that helps you feel more confident in yourself and your beauty. 


We are here to service those who understand spectacular, sensational design, and for those who understand that that creates the difference between mediocre service and a service that is truly exceptional.

Menu  &   Pricing
Lash Extension Full Set   |   $150
Receive expertly applied eyelash extensions for instant eyelash enhancement.
Lash Extension Touch-Ups
For our current lash clients, to maintain your lash extension design.
60-minute Lash Touch-Up  |  $90
90-minute Lash Touch-Up  |  $120

"Truly a life changing experience. I used to feel so self-conscious to leave the house without a little mascara and eyebrow highlighting. I just looked tired without it, and I always want to feel fantastic in my body, as this comes off in my relationship with my patients and even at home. Since being cared for by Larissa I wake up feeling beautiful, and spend even less time "getting ready". I never wear mascara and enjoy the freedom her work brings to my life. I even feel sexy more often! Thanks Larissa!"

– Dr Brandy M., Nederland

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