The TrueBrow™ System

What  makes  my  brow  design  different  from  the  rest?


I've studied with the most comprehensive brow design training in the world, and am constantly involved in continuing my education. Being a TrueBrow™ Specialist distinguishes me from any other brow design. 

Design Principals

I am fully involved in design principals of the TrueBrow™ Program, which is about assessing the brow, creating the vision, and implementing world-class design techniques. 

Correction, Restoration, and Transformation

In addition to design, I do brow correction, restoration, and transformation for when a brow is completely compromised and my job is to transform it.


I'm interested in the woman – what the actual brow makes her look like. Is it transforming her? Is it making her shine? Is it making her look approachable? Is it making her look and feel soft inside of herself? Is it giving her confidence?


I am here to service those who understand spectacular, sensational design, and for those who understand that that creates the difference between mediocre service and a service that is truly exceptional.

Menu  &   Pricing
Brow Consultation  |  $25  
A brow consultation is included in our TrueBrow Design appointment, but if you're not yet committed to having your brows worked on yet, then this consultation is the perfect opportunity to meet with us, tour our treatment room, and discuss a future treatment plan for your brows. 
TrueBrow Design  |  $90
The TrueBrow Design uses advanced, highly-trained techniques to transform your eyebrows, whether you are seeking a new brow design or need help transforming it's shape or encouraging regrowth. With meticulous care and vision, we set the foundation for your brow's potential. 
TrueBrow Maintenance  |  $65
The TrueBrow Maintenance (for our current brow clients only) is a quick cleanup to maintain your TrueBrow Design and continue the vision for your brow goals.

"So worth it! I get compliments on my brows all the time, thanks to Larissa. She takes her time and is very detailed, as a brow design should be. The result is beautiful and I feel so much better about my appearance."

– Katie T., Boulder

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You will receive a comprehensive brow analysis and consultation, establishing a vision and course of action for your brows. Whether you are in need of a professional design, correcting the shape, or restoring brows that have been previously compromised with hair removal, I will set the path for your journey to beautiful brows!

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